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Capella on 9 Asheville NC | Breakfast in Asheville

Capella on 9 in Asheville is one of my favorite places to go grab a delicious breakfast without waiting in lines AND having a view of downtown Asheville.

 Basically it’s a sleek and swanky looking rooftop bar, that serves breakfast in the mornings. What I like about this place is that it gives you a fresh, delicious and strong coffee (bonus points!!!) AND a choice between a buffet and a regular menu.  

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Homeowners Maintenance Checklist

Homeowners maintenance checklist is the topic of a new video. Home maintenance is one of the responsibilities that comes with homeownership. It helps prevent big problems, saves money on potential issues and preserves the house.

To help me go through the list I invited Jim Rouland with Quality Home Consultants to my house. Some areas of our house passed with a score of 100, and some others...well, let’s just say I didn’t see that coming and actually debated on whether or not I should include certain information in this video. But, I think if this video helps at least one homeowner, it’s already a win!

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Gated communities in Asheville NC

Gated communities in Asheville NC- there are so many here that all have different price points, amenities, rules and regulations and locations! Some people love them, some people hate them.  In this video I’m talking about pros and cons of living in a gated community, as well as how to pick and choose the one for you.

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Benne on Eagle | Breakfast in Asheville

Going out for breakfast on the weekend (and not only))) is a treat for me and my family because breakfast is our favorite meal of the day!!! While a lot of great restaurants are also very touristy and therefore tend to be busy with long lines on the weekends, this new spot was a great exception! No lines, wonderful comfort food, great coffee- which is one of the main criteria for a breakfast place for me; and the atmosphere- I loved it! I felt very cozy and fancy at the same time…but not too fancy where I would feel uncomfortable to bring my almost 4 year old to.

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Buying and Selling a house at the same time

Is it time for you to downsize or perhaps move up into a bigger house? And are you thinking "how am I supposed to buy and sell at the same time?"

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Mortgage Rates Today

Everyone hears that mortgage rates are at the 3 year low right now, and a lot of buyers are taking advantage of it.

If you are on the market for a home, have you noticed that your mortgage rate that you were quoted just 2 weeks ago went up THIS WEEK?

What happened? What affects mortgage rates?

So many questions and unknown...that’s why I’m sitting down with Donna King at Union Home Mortgage to talk about mortgage rates and what affects them!

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North Carolina Mountain State Fair PLUS Market Update

This is the second annual market report for the month of August that is brought to you from 26th annual NC Mountain State Fair! The dates for the WNC State Fair are September 6-15.

The fair has something for everyone! Rides, shows, exhibits, all the food! We  bought our tickets online that way we didn’t have to bring cash to the fair. If you don’t buy online, you need to pay with cash!

All in all, right now is a great time to sell your home! But if you are on the market to buy, keep in mind that interest rates being at all time low in 2 years allow you to get more home for your money!

So, do you plan to go to the fair?? If so, check out this link with more information including an option to purchase tickets:

Check out last year’s market report from the Fair:

Here’s a video I mentioned about the cost of buying a house:

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Renting vs Owning a home

According to 2018 Bank of America homeowners insights report, 78% of renters said that they would like to purchase a home in the next five years and 38% of renters said that they plan to buy a home in the next two years.

When the same renters were asked why exactly they disliked renting so much, 52% said that rising rental costs is the number one reason. Other reasons include that they are throwing money away, not building any equity and that it doesn't truly feel like home.

And yes, renters are not wrong. Rental costs do rise. They put money in the landlord's pocket and not theirs. Therefore they do not build any equity. Plus, there's all this talk how you can pay less in your mortgage payment than what you pay right now in your rent. But let's take a look at the other side of this coin.

All right, so let's take a look at three financial buckets, that's what I call them, of home ownership. The first bucket is a cost of becoming a homeowner. I'm talking about down payment and closing costs. If you thinking about buying a house, you should really consult with a lender and find out how much it would cost you to become a homeowner. Some people are shocked to learn how much it actually is.

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Asheville Playgrounds

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PSA from a "lousy agent"

 Let me start by reading you an email that I just got.

"You are a lousy real estate agent. What you're saying is your client has until August 12th to back out. But I cannot take another better offer. I don't think so. I learned a valuable lesson here. Do me a favor, stay away. I won't recommend you. Postscript them. Don't assume that everyone is high tech like you. I'll do it the old fashioned way next time. Sit down with a good agent and go through everything carefully".

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Final Walk Through before Closing


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Asheville Farms | ASAP Connections Tour

If you live in Asheville, if you've ever been to Asheville, if you've heard anything about Asheville; you probably know that things like sustainability, local produce, local farms, farm-to-table produce, farm-to-table restaurants are huge in Asheville. That is why I wanted to talk about Asheville farms, not just talk about them, but take you on an actual farm tour. I'm so excited!

One of the best ways to learn about Asheville farms is to go to ASAP Connections Annual Farm Tour. ASAP Connections stands for Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. And here's your first test question: How do you pronounce this word? A. Appa-LATCH-uh B. Appa-LAY-shuh. Put your answer in the comments, A or B, and if you have absolutely no idea, check out this video. Now, to learn more about ASAP Connections and what they do, check out their website

Now that all housekeeping is done, let's go on an actual tour. Our first stop is Venezia Dream Farm, and it's where they grow alpacas and use their... fibers to make all kinds of stuff. Weather is not cooperating, it's raining. So, all the alpacas... inside. We're not going to be able to see them, but we're going to go inside and ... watch some demonstration. This farm specializes in farm-to-fabric. Pretty cool.

Today is a much better weather for farm touring and we came to Franny's Farm.

She's (Franny) just got a combination of raised bed vegetable gardens, and edible gardens. She has livestock, goats, and Heritage Farm chickens. She does raise Hemp here. She has events here, so, if you'll notice there's a nice beautiful barn. When you go inside its really pretty and spacious. People get married here. She has an air BNB on the second floor. Some camp grounds up the mountain, there's some community buildings and some log cabins and a couple places for tents... several places.

 each farm has either a demonstration of some sort, or they sell something you can buy. Produce or whatever they make. And of course, activities for kids, and I am ... I'm afraid, what's going to come out of this activity for kids because its pretty dirty... but happy, so happy kid.

Our next stop is Greenshine Farmers, all the way in Marshall.

Our nursery greenhouse, and we've got tomato plants inter planted with cucumbers. You see the way we are interlacing our tomato plants, we're trying to make them grow vertical. So we got the cucumbers on the other side, which is kind of experimental but we are just going to continually train them up.

We got our hemps... we got our hemp starts. So these are all grown from seeds. These are feminized seeds, so these are all female plants, or at least they should be.

We do all of our hemp plants down the two center rows which will give them about three feet on either side, and about ten feet or so to grow. Then down here we got all of our lettuce seedlings. If you notice, we are doing them in... This is called a paper pot trays. So you can see here, they are kind of all like a little honeycomb structure. They are all just chained together in these little cardboard chains. The great thing about that is it is very quick to seed and its very quick to transplant.

If you're getting stuff from California, it's going to be a week old by the time you get here and it has a two week shelf life. Are stuff you are getting within 48 hours every time. So, salad greens have really been our niche. We do everything. Pre-washed. Pre-mixed. So summer months we are doing a lot of lettuce because that just holds up well to the heat. In the fall... in the spring and the fall we will do stuff like spinach, arugula, kale, Azana, ruby streaks... but in the summer the flea beetles are really bad and we're not spraying anything.

We really found that... to get like maximum shelf life, and to get a really good leaf, you want them to be fully hydrated before you harvest.

If you harvest and they are dry, they're almost going to be like feathery. They're just not going to last.

Oh yeah, yeah. We are at Hoppy and Co., Fresh Broad Co-Op., West Village Market, Roots and Fruits. We're also with a couple of distributors, Mother Earth Food, Mountain Food Products and then we sell to several high end restaurants in downtown. Rhubarb... the Rhubarb is great, I think they are probably one of the top restaurants in Asheville, Chestnut, Posana all really, really great chef's. They really try to support local and they do some incredible stuff.

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Staging a house to sell

Staging a house to sell.

Staging is basically getting house ready for sale by making it appealing to the highest number of potential buyers.

Why you as a seller should consider staging your house? Well first of all, staging helps sell the house quicker and for more money.

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Living in Asheville | Summer Edition

Living in Asheville, summertime edition.

Asheville is the biggest small town that is surrounded by mountains. Our mountains might not be the tallest, but they sure are very beautiful, and they keep us cool in summertime. Average temperature in summertime during the day is about 84 degrees, and at night is comfortable, 65 degrees. A huge variety of trees and plants make Asheville very green.

Most jobs in Asheville come from medical field, hospitality, and advanced manufacturing. Asheville is popular with today's tourists, retirees, and young families, and that comes at a price. Cost of living in Asheville is a little bit higher than places like Charlotte and Raleigh.

Asheville is also a home to one of the 17 institutions in the University of North Carolina system. University of North Carolina in Asheville is one of the nation's top public liberal arts universities. It offers more than 30 major leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, as well as awards a Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Elena Kovrigin:As one of the residents said on about Asheville, "Asheville is a haven for hipsters and snobs alike, and everyone in between," and that's especially evident in downtown Asheville, a very vibrant part of our town. It's very popular with locals and tourists alike. You can see all kinds of people in downtown Asheville, from tourists to bridal parties, hopping from a bar to brewery, to local artists, musicians, magicians on pretty much every corner, especially on the weekend, to locals who just want to go to their favorite local restaurant.

Speaking of local restaurants, there's basically no reason for anybody in Ashville to go to a chain restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. We have so many amazing local restaurants that serve great food, farm to table food, and that's what Asheville is proud of. In summertime there's always something going on in and around downtown Asheville.

Whether it's yoga in the park, meeting in the middle of park square, or beer city festival, garlic festival, art festival, you're guaranteed not to get bored. But this comes with a slight problem. Parking in downtown Asheville can be challenging at times, especially around those festivals or on the weekends, so plan accordingly and check out the video that I made earlier about parking in Asheville.

There's a lot of like-minded people in Asheville who care about things like environment, sustainability, equality, tolerance. You can also see it in local businesses that support the same causes. Sustainability is huge in Asheville, and that's one of the reasons why tailgate markets that are happening all over town all summer long are so popular with locals. You really don't need to go to the grocery store to buy your produce. You can just go to one of the local tailgate markets or farmers market that are happening pretty much in every part of Asheville.

When it comes to outdoor activities, you will never run out of things to do, from being able to just hop on the Blue Ridge Parkway right here from Asheville and go either for a car ride, bike ride, hiking, go find a swimming hole or waterfall. Or going tubing along French Broad River right here in Asheville. You don't need to go too far to hit a reset button. Just go to arboretum, nature center, or botanical gardens and you will be immediately surrounded by nature.

Asheville is very kid and dog friendly, with activities and businesses opening their doors for the whole family and their dog.

From a very vibrant and cool downtown, Asheville spreads out in all directions, but the south side seems to be more congested. At least that's what it feels like on I-26. So here comes a tip from a local. If you can, avoid I-26, or be prepared to sit in traffic. If you've never been to Asheville and plan to move to Asheville, I hope you found this information useful. If you disagree with anything I said or would like to add something, feel free to comment below. I will see you next time.


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Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

Home inspection tips for sellers is a topic for my new video. 

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Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

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Asheville Utilities

You've bought a new house, and one of the first things you want to do is ... PARTY!!

Just kidding. But seriously, one of the first things you want to do is make sure that your party has a place to potty.

That is why I created this video about utilities in Asheville and surrounding areas.

Hi. My name is Elena Kovrigin. I am a local realtor in Asheville, North Carolina. Please take a look around and click subscribe button so that you can follow and get notifications every time I post a new video.

So let's talk from the most important one ...

Anybody even use a home phone anymore? I think everyone can imagine their lives without home phone but not without electricity. Pretty much, the only player in Asheville as far as your electricity goes is Duke Energy. I'm going to drop a link below in the description where you can learn more about this company and set up your service with them.

Your water, sewer, trash, and recycling will be set up with the City of Asheville Water Department. This is just one place where you need to go and set up all of those four services. Now, if you're outside of city of Asheville, Waste Pro USA is a company that will handle your trash and your recycling. The link will be also in the description.

Now, if your house requires gas for its heating, cooking, and fireplacing ... Is that even a word?

I don't think so.

Then you're going to need to set up a service with a gas company. If you're using natural gas, there's PSNC Energy company that will handle natural gas for you, and you can set up a service with them, the link in the description. If you are on propane, there are several different companies that can handle that for you, and guess what? The link will be in the description.

Elena Kovrigin:I would recommend you ask your realtor, find out who the current owners use as far as their propane provider. I would go and talk to the neighbors and see if they're happy with their provider. If your house needs oil for its heating needs, then there are a couple of companies that can handle that for you, and I will drop the link in the description.

Now, these were the most vital for survival. Although, a lot would argue that the next one is as important as the first few, and that's internet. Depending on where you at, there are a few different providers for internet. Typically, in the city of Asheville, you can use successfully AT&T or Charter internet, and if you start going outside, you might want to explore other providers because, guess what? AT&T and Charter do not go too far. So the link will be in the description.

Does anybody still use TV? I mean, I'm talking about a traditional TV service provider. If you do, there are pretty much two big providers, Dish and DirecTV. And guess what? The link will be in the description. That's pretty much it. I covered all the utilities that you need to hook up when you buy a house in Asheville or surrounding areas.

And I know I said that I'm going to drop all these links in the description, but instead of putting 20 different links, I grouped them into one pretty link that you click on and access all of those links for all of the providers.

I hope you found this information useful. And if you are really moving to Asheville and you're not familiar with Asheville, check out couple of my playlists about Asheville. Location, location, location is ... How many times did I say that? Okay. That one is one of the playlists that you might want to check out, and another one is buying a house. That really will pertain to buying a house in North Carolina. You can click on that playlist right now. I will see you next time.

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Utilities in Asheville and surrounding areas

Utilities in Asheville.pages

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Asheville Real Estate Market Update | April 2019

Is it a good time to buy or sell a house right now? I don't know!

Today I'm recording from the backyard of my own house that we bought 12 years ago this month. It's exactly when we quickly learned that just because we got pre-approved, does not mean we are ready to become home owners. Because about a year from the purchase of this house, my husband hurt his knee and he had to have a surgery and guess what? We did not have insurance. We did not have any savings. As a result of this surgery he couldn't work for a few weeks and that, plus being hit by a huge hospital bill nearly killed us and we almost lost our home. That is why I said that I don't know if it's a good time to buy or sell a house right now.

Elena Kovrigin:Just because you've got paperwork does not mean you should become a homeowner or that you are ready to become a homeowner. 

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Leicester NC

Leicester, land of the sky, endless farmland, picturesque valleys and mountains.

Leicester Chapman, whose father was a Captain stationed in Whales purchased a tract of land nine miles from Asheville North Carolina in the area at that time known as Turkey Creek. And there are still many street names with Turkey Creek in the titles that give recognition to the town's past. And records show that it was in 1859 that Turkey Creek was renamed to Leicester. Many people in Asheville objected the name change, and felt that the new name sounded too pretentious, calling people that lived in Leicester Lick Skillets, but eventually settled on a deviation in the pronunciation of Leicester, to which they pronounced “Lee-ces-ter”. And, interestingly enough, this deviation stuck, and a lot of people still refer to Township as “Lee-ces-ter”.

Leicester has a truly picturesque setting, comprised of countless farms, which by the way you can tour some of them every summer. Just go to for more information, and plan your tour of Leicester Farms.

Leicester has an abundance of not only farmers, but artists. Usually around summertime, you can take a self free guided tour to 23 studios and shops in Leicester. It becomes a favorite not just among the locals who cherish its past and history, but among a lot of newcomers, who discover this beautiful land of the sky, and decide to settle there.

You can see a lot of new home communities pop up in different parts of Leicester. Other than new construction homes that lean toward arts and craft style, as you drive through Leicester, you will see a lot of old farmhouses, one-story brick ranch houses, and traditional homes.

If you think that Leicester is all farmland and beautiful views, don't worry, there's a few restaurants, shops, stores, grocery store, car washes, gas stations, and things like that in Leicester for you to enjoy and have all your conveniences right at your fingertips.

When it comes to real estate, the median sale price last year in Leicester was right at $221k. The expensive house was sold for $500k, and the least expensive, this property was sold for $31k.

The words in pictures cannot describe how truly beautiful Leicester is. As you drive through Leicester's rolling hills, be sure to slow down to enjoy breathtaking views everywhere you go, say hi to cows at numerous cow pastures, and check out beautiful barns that are part of many properties in Leicester.

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Difference between Due Diligence and Earnest Money

If you're in the market to buy real estate, one of the things that you will be expected to do is to make due diligence and earnest money deposits.

When you finally found the house that you like and decide to put an offer on it, you will be expected to pay two deposits. The first one is due diligence money deposit, and the second one is earnest money deposit. This is the money that will come out of your pocket up front, so be prepared to have the money in your bank account. And no, you cannot use a credit card.

Due diligence money will be paid directly to the seller and more on that is in this video up here. I'm also gonna drop a link in the description. Due diligence money is due at the time of the execution of the contract, meaning when both parties agree on all the terms of the contract and sign it. Due diligence money is a nonrefundable deposit that you're gonna pay directly to the seller for them to take their house temporarily off the market, so that you, as a buyer, can conduct your inspections, title searches, surveys, and start your loan application going.

Think about this usually smaller, nonrefundable deposit, as a tab that you would pick up at the restaurant on your first date.

The money's gone, you're never gonna see the money again, and you're just hoping for the best outcome.

Earnest money is the money that will be held in escrow and is due within five days of the execution of the contract. Earnest money deposit or good faith deposit is usually a bigger deposit than due diligence money, basically shows the seller that you are serious about the purchase of their house. You, as a buyer, want to offer as little due diligence and earnest money as possible but, enough to make the seller confident that you are serious about purchasing their house and you're not gonna waste their time. Think about earnest money deposit as an engagement ring. If you decide to terminate your relationship early enough, before it goes too far and everyone's feelings is hurt, you have a chance to get your engagement ring back.

But if you wait too long, you not only run the risk of losing your ring, but also might be threatened with a lawsuit for damages, lost opportunities and time.

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How Much Does it Cost to Buy a House?

Stop making your landlord rich. Become a homeowner today and start building your own equity. Or tell me how much you pay in rent, and I will show you the house that you could own and pay the same in your monthly mortgage payments.

Have you seen this kind of advertisements?  When talking about rent versus monthly mortgage payments in terms of how easy it can be to become a homeowner can be a little bit misleading. 

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Buying a new construction home | 7 Tips

Twelve years ago, before I was a realtor and knew anything about real estate, let alone about new construction, my husband and I bought our first home and it was new construction.

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Who does a Realtor work for?

Do you know who a realtor works for? That's one of the first questions you need an answer to when you're getting ready to buy or sell real estate. Why  do you need to know who a realtor works for? Just like in American football which by the way I know nothing about and the only time I watch american football is the Superbowl party and I'm really basically there for just the food and drinks. But beside the point. Just like in American football we have two teams. The buyer team and a seller team. And depending on where you are, you want to know who is there for you and who's got your best interests.

When you decide to buy a house, condo, or a piece of land, you might want to hire a buyers agent. Buyers agent is someone who is loyal to you who will keep your best interest in mind, who will follow your lawful instructions an after signing an official agreement between you and an agent, will keep all of your confidential information and will not share it with the other team, sellers team. Think about buyers agent as a coach for one of the teams. He or she has your best interest, is in your corner, and wants you to win. Sellers agent on the other hand is somebody who represents a seller and basically does the same things that the buyers again does for his or her buyer. Sellers agent will keep their clients confidential information secret. He or she will not share it with the other team, or the buyers team. He will follow your lawful instruction and will promote your best interests.

So far we established that we have two teams, buyer team and a seller team. And we have two coaches, or two realtors. Buyers agent just like a coach and sellers agent just like a coach for the other team, have the teams best interest in mind. And don't share information with the opposite team.

 There's also a third option available. Third option is when the same realtor can represent both a buyer and a seller. This is called dual agency. A good analogy with american football is a referee. You have to be honest and fair and treat both teams equally. In dual agency a realtor has to keep both of his clients best interests in mind, follow their lawful instructions. The only difference is that in dual agency situation the realtor cannot share buyers confidential information with the seller and he cannot share sellers confidential information with the buyer.

I hope you have a better understanding of who a realtor works for.

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For Sale By Owner Real Estate | Tips For Sellers

So you think you want to sell your house by owner. The good news is that you can totally do it all by yourself

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Amazing Pizza Company | Business of the week.

Hey! Te-weks and I ... Can you tell I have a tell I have a three year old?

Anyways, we are checking out a new place all the way in Hendersonville. Amazing Pizza Company. Let's go check them out.

Husband and wife team had a dream of feeding people yummy pizza, about five years ago. They turned this dream into a food truck business. Then, about four years ago, they decided to give their food truck a more permanent address. That's where we're at right now.

Enjoying the pizza as we speak. It's pretty amazing. I mean, it's called Amazing Pizza Company so what do you expect?

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Grocery Shopping in Asheville.

Grocery shopping in Asheville. In this video, I'm going to go with the grocery stores starting with big ones available across the country and ending with small and unique ones that are specific to Asheville.

As promised let's start with the biggest one. Sam's Club, duh. We have one Sam's Club in Asheville. Next one is Walmart. We have a Super Walmart and a regular Walmart in Asheville. Target, yay. Every mom's favorite, right? We have two Targets in Asheville. The most popular grocery store that's available pretty much in every neighborhood of Asheville is Ingles. We have 11 Ingles stores in Asheville. Some Ingles stores have gas stations, so that's your one-stop shop for your groceries and for your gas.

Asheville also has two Fresh Markets and two Aldi grocery stores. Aldi fans rejoice. Aldi is known for its organic yet affordable produce. Harris Teeter, Publix, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, we have one of each in Asheville. Next one on the list is Earth Fare, the local store that specializes in organic selection. We have two Earth Fare stores in Asheville, one in South Asheville and one in West Asheville. I guess it's West Asheville. Are you a savvy grocery shopper? Do you care about organic selection in your new grocery stores? Let me know in the comments.

Grocery Outlet and Sav-Mor specialize in more affordable and discounted options. Are you a fan of organic and farm to table produce? Then French Broad Food Co-Op store is for you. Their produce section is 100% organic, and they claim to have the bulkiest bulk section in the southeast. I think it's worth checking out, and even though they are located in downtown Asheville where parking is [inaudible], they actually have their own parking lot where you can park.

Another affordable and local option for your grocery needs is Hopey and Company. We have two of those in our area. Are you a fan of farm to table produce? Come summertime Asheville has a ton of pop-up and farmers market all over town. For more information on that check This is your list of grocery stores in Asheville. I hope you found this information helpful.

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Buyers or Sellers Market

Is it a buyer's or a seller's market? Hmm. That's a good question to ask, especially if you're thinking about buying or selling real estate.

You probably hear a lot of talk that it's a very strong seller's market, and you need to sell right now; or it's a buyer's market, and it's a great time to buy. But what is sellers versus buyers market?

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Parking in Asheville

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Is Radon Dangerous?

Is Radon Dangerous?

Radon is a radioactive gas that you cannot smell, see, or taste. In other words, it's there, but you don't even know that it's there. Radon is formed by a natural breakdown of uranium in rock, soil and water.

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West Asheville

West Asheville is a very hip, trendy, and vibrant neighborhood of Asheville

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Due Diligence in Real Estate

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Moving to Asheville. (10 Reasons why)

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Welcome to the weekend! January 11-13, 2019.

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Hemp Farmacy | Business Of The Week

The Hemp Farmacy is Asheville’s first medical model cannabis dispensary, offering a large selection of CBD products. The staff here are extremely knowledgeable about cannabinoids and sell CBD variants ranging from raw flowers, to edibles, pet products, tinctures, gummies, honeys, teas, lotions, various topicals, caramel chews, dabs and concentrates just to name a few items. They have full spectrum to isolate products. Our laws state the THC in these cannabinoids must be less than .3%. Therefore, you get the health without the high. The Hemp Farmacy helps customers with many common ailments including mood stabilizers and pain relief. Amazingly, The Hemp Factory has a HIPPA compliant nurse practitioner on site to help give advice based on the individual. This is an excellent service to help tailor product choice specifically to the needs of each person. On the 3rd Thursday of each month, The Hemp Farmacy also offers education classes to teach about all the possibilities of CBDs. The Hemp Farmacy is a vast store of knowledge and extensive merchandise for this newly marketable item. For more information check out

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Silly Face Ink | Business of the week.

At Silly Face Ink each person has a chance to capture their individual uniqueness through a caricature drawing. Being drawn is a fun experiential activity with a memorable keepsake. Daniel Cape, owner and artist of Silly Face Ink, has been creating caricatures for fifteen years. Caricature drawing does not simply focus on a singular prominent feature on a person, but how all the features culminate into a one-of-a-kind individual. Daniel shares his knowledge of caricature drawing through his nonprofit, Epic Smiles. He goes to after school programs, and teaches students caricature drawing techniques as well as how to tap into their own creativity. Silly Face Ink can be found at local festivals, and community events like Art in the Park. However, one of the best ways to hone in on Daniel’s talent is to hire him for your next party. People enjoy watching others being drawn. It is a lively way to create conversation, entertainment, and fun memories at your next gathering. Silly Face Ink can draw around fifteen people in an hour. Not only will your guests be amused, but they also take home a souvenir from the evening. Silly Face Ink can create caricature drawings from photos as well. This would make a great memorable gift from a loved one. Dare to be drawn when you check out Silly Face Ink at or his nonprofit at

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Organic Mechanic | Business Of The Week

The Organic Mechanic, located in West Asheville, is a full-service environmentally friendly car repair shop. They do it all, just greener and cleaner. As the car industry becomes more environmentally responsible, the Organic Mechanic has been a long-standing trend-setter in this field. The owner, Charley Wilson, enjoys helping customers and building a team of competent and efficient employees. Newer cars often need specialized skills and computer knowledge when being serviced. The Organic Mechanic strives to be on the outer edge of this technology. They can work on domestic, European and Asian imports; as well as both gas and diesel engines. Their services include regular maintenance, break repair, transmission work, oil change, lube services, and emergency repairs. Most importantly, the employees and customers of Organic Mechanic share a similar state of mind. They believe in valuing our planet by using the cleanest environmental methods exceeding the industry standards. The Organic Mechanic provides a 24 month and 24,000-mile Limited Repair Warranty covering both parts and labor. For more information or to schedule an appointment visit the

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Cisco Pilates | Business of the week

Cisco Pilates is a woman-owned business in Asheville offering classical Pilates lessons in both private and group settings. Pilates is a full-body exercise that has provided beautiful results in people for nearly 100 years. It is a low-impact strength and flexibility training with a focus on core muscles. Alexis Miller, owner and instructor of Cisco Pilates, tailors her private lessons based on each client’s specific needs and weakness. Her private lessons use Pilates machines, which create spring resistance for targeting various muscle groups. Pilates is for every age and her clients range from their 20’s to 80’s. Alexis loves helping people feel better every day and seeing the results of her clients getting stronger. She primarily offers private lessons in North Asheville, but also holds regular group mat classes in a renovated church. Asheville has a long-standing history of seeking Health and Wellness; Cisco Pilates continues this tradition by bringing Pilates to the community at large. They sponsor fun events like “Pilates with Puppies” at the Asheville Humane Society, a free class held at a local library, and “Pole-lates” at Dance Club Asheville. For more information on this core-centered form of exercise visit

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Fun Depot |Business Of The Week

For a great day of the best family fun and games in the area, visit Asheville’s Fun Depot. They are located right off I-40 in South Asheville. You can challenge your family to laser tag, mini-golf, the anti-gravity ropes course, mini-bowling, go-karts, bumper cars, a large arcade, and inflatables. There are food options here too, so go ahead and get the all-day pass to keep the fun flowing.  Fun Depot specializes in families with children ages 5-12. However, we all have an inner-child, and Fun Depot is a go-to spot for teenagers, college students, and young adults looking to have entertainment while socializing. Fun Depot has been voted as Western North Carolina’s top kid’s birthday party place in the Mountain Xpress. Let them provide the space and fun, while you are able enjoy your child’s special day. Fun Depot’s mission statement is to influence lives in a positive manner. They are committed to taking care of people in a clean and wholesome environment. It is important to never stop playing, so plan your play at Asheville Fun Depot

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Positive Transformations |Business Of The Week

Positive Transformations is a therapy practice focused on the body’s biological response to stress, its impact on the mind, and the capacity for beautiful healing. Shelia McKeon MA, LPC, LCAS, visualizes each client as already healed with happiness, joy, peace, productivity, and calm from the beginning of their sessions. It is about getting the client to their goals. People come to Positive Transformations for help on a variety of issues including anxiety, grief, and past traumas. She sees people of all ages, from as young as 5 years old through all stages of adulthood. Not only does Sheila meet with individuals, but couples as well. Positive Transformations practices short-term intensive therapy. This means the average client will only need 3-9 sessions, which run about 2 hours each session. By approaching the body to work on calming and healing before the mind, one will achieve greater long-term success. Her techniques include biofeedback, bilateral sound therapy for brain spotting, EMDR (eye movement, desensitization, and reprocessing), RRT (rapid resolution therapy), hypnotherapy, Whole Brain Therapy, and BAUD (Bio-acoustical Utilization Device). When these therapies are utilized in a nurturing environment, people will begin to experience their own positive transformations. For more on living your best life, visit Positive Transformations

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Scorch Fitness Asheville | Business of the Week

Scorch fitness offers the only Lagree fitness center in the greater Asheville area. The Lagree fitness method began more than 20 years ago in Los Angeles. It combines a total high intensity workout with low impact on joints. There are now over 300 locations across the country, in Canada, and the U.K.  One reason Lagree is so effective is through their Megaformer machines. These fitness machines are like the Pilates reformers but come with even more body toning features. The Megaformer uses spring resistance which creates slow tension for complete muscle stimulation. In just 45 minutes balance, flexibility, cardio, strength, and a total body workout can be achieved. Scorch fitness invites everyone to ignite their inner motivation and radiate both physical and mental strength. Scorch has great intro deals and fun challenges for members. If you are looking for a high intensity with low impact workout check out Scorch Fitness at It is the hardest workout you will ever love.

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Symbology Jewelry | Business of the Week

Symbology offers handmade sterling silver jewelry by artist and owner Alice Scott. Alice is professionally trained in jewelry design and metalsmithing, however, her passion for jewelry design began when she was only six years old. Alice would design and make jewelry to sell alongside her parents, who were also craftspeople. She enjoys creating uniquely meaningful pieces of jewelry.  Her jewelry is not just beautiful and delicate, but holds symbolism as well, hence “Symbology” as the name of the business. Many of the jewelry pieces are Victorian-era inspired. The Victorian-Era is known for its romantic sentimentality and nature-influenced designs in objects. Customers also add a whole new layer of nuance as they place their own interpretation on the jewelry. Symbology jewelry connects people to the greater meanings of ancient symbols bigger than oneself. You can find her jewelry at Elementality, or in her studio located in the River Arts District. Be inspired to find meaning at Symbology 

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New Leash On Life | Business of the Week

New Leash on Life is a non-profit giving both dogs and local inmates who train them a second chance. Every eight weeks, New Leash on Life, gives four dogs to the prison for a training series. Here the men who are certified to train the dogs teach obedience, house training, and socialization through positive reinforcement techniques. The dogs are taught to walk with and without a leash and basic commands. They are also microchipped and caught up on vaccinations through this program. For the inmates, training the dogs gives them purpose and a useful way to give back to the community. For some of the men it is their first experience having unconditional love from the dogs. Many of the dogs come to this program also lacking unconditional love. They are strays, from the pound, and removed from bad homes. Once these furry friends can pass their Good Citizenship Test, they are given a graduation day where they show off their new skills. Then the furry friends become adoptable for $150 dollars. The adoption fee goes toward continuing this program which provides life skills and love to both the men and dogs involved. You can support New Leash on Life by adopting or donating, to learn more visit their Facebook page at New Leash on Life Spindale NC.

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Tracey Morgan Gallery | Business of the Week

Located conveniently in the up-and-coming South Slope area of Asheville is the Tracey Morgan Art Gallery. This art gallery specializes in contemporary art photography and other mediums. The gallery space is open and has a New York City vibe. Tracy Morgan brings over 20 years of art curating experience around the country to Asheville. She features national and international artists as well as local artists in her gallery. The Tracey Morgan Gallery strikes the perfect balance between well-established national artists and newer local artists. Her clients include tourists, core supportive locals, and clients from all over the country. Every six to eight weeks the gallery switches its exhibit. It typically has both a main show and a project space show. Tracey Morgan loves working with the public and connecting people to a piece of art they will love. Drop-ins are Tuesdays through Saturdays, or schedule appointments on Sundays and Mondays. To get a feel for the beautiful art displayed in the gallery visit their website at Tracey Morgan Gallery

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10th Muse Coffee

10th Muse Coffee shop is not your average coffee place. In Ancient Greek mythology there are nine muses offering inspiration and creativity. 10th Muse Coffee wants to serve not only coffee, but as an inspiration to others to enjoy life, take care of your body, and help our environment. Sounds ambitious? How can one coffee shop do so much? The “enjoy life” part is easy. This coffee shop is located inside a brightly painted warehouse selling cool refurbished furniture. Customers can browse, play board games, or channel their inner muse while they draw on the chalkboard tables. Their drink list is intriguing, playful, and tasty. Try their famous Nutella latte. How about a cookie butter latte, or other themed drinks like Harry Potter’s butterbeer latte? Wait, how does 10th Muse encourage fitness with all this sweetness? Just because you indulge every now and again, doesn’t mean you neglect your body. 10th Muse offers $1.50 discount on any specialty drink in exchange for doing ten burpees. That’s right, do ten burpees in the store (a quick fitness movement) and get money off on your specialty drink. Lastly, 10th Muse seeks to inspire others to take care of our earth. They are doing their part, as they do not use any plastic in outgoing flatware and cups. Instead of plastic utensils they have biodegradable cornstarch and recycled paper products. 10th Muse Coffee Shop makes the coffee experience fun, while inspiring others to live life to the fullest, take care of their bodies, and this earth. Come find them on London Road located off Sweeten Creek, near Biltmore Village.

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Do Terra | Business of the Week

Beth 'Bowen' Ford is a wellness coach who has doTerra essential oils business. Without a brick and mortar presenese I decided to do a Live interview with this business owner. We discussed why essential oils and other natural supplements are gaining popularity vs traditional medicine. Asheville with it's holistic driven approach seemed a good spot to open a busienss like that. Beth encourages people to get educated about the benefits of using natural supplements. She does a lot of workshops to give people tools and resources to be able to be in charge of their own health. If you want to find out more about Beth and what she does, find her on FB and instagram.

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Regeneration Station and Junk Recyclers | Business of the Week

Junk Recyclers and the Regeneration Station are committed to giving unique repurposed items a second life. They are technically one company serving the greater Asheville area with multiple environmentally friendly services. Junk Recyclers offers a junk removal, delivery, and moving service with the lowest prices in town. Their purpose is to keep treasures out of the landfill, and into the hands of a new owner. The Regeneration Station is their retail store painted in its signature neon green color and located at 26 Glendale Avenue. The color is symbolic of their commitment to being environmentally “green”. Here you can find repurposed creative items ranging from antiques to decorative crafts. Local consignors can rent the sixty booths available within their space at a 60:40 return value. The Regeneration Station also has one-of-a-kind inventory hand selected from various estate sells and auctions. There is something for everyone – whether you need junk removed or you are searching for that rare find, stop by the Regeneration Stationor for a booking go

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828 Family Pizzeria | Business of the Week

828 Family Pizzeria has been in business for almost quarter of a century! Attention to detail, home made cooking, quality ingredients, great customer service - all this created a community of local customers who stay loyal to their favorite pizza place.

Dominic Lane is a co owner of this restaurant that has 2 locations: South Asheville by Earth Fare and North Asheville next to Fresh Market. Dominic, his brother, sister and his mother work very hard and had to sacrifice quite a bit to make this a successful business. It paid off!

Starting 2018 they had to switch their name from Marco's Pizzeria to 828 Family Pizzeria after a big chain restaurant with a similar name came to town. Their name changed but their legacy, integrity and quality of food and service stayed  with them.

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Doulas of Asheville | Business of the Week

Sisters, Christine Robinson and Elizabeth Pauley, have been operating Doulas of Asheville for three years. Through their doula business they are a source of employment for other women passionate about birth and babies. Currently Doulas of Asheville has eight doulas available to support women and their families before, during, and after birth. In our society, women unfortunately often neglect themselves after having a baby, not giving themselves adequate time to heal. The postpartum period is a beautiful time, but it can also be exhausting and overwhelming. Doulas of Asheville can support families as they settle in with their newest member. They can even help mama get some much-needed rest. They love to stay overnight and let mama get some sleep. Doulas of Asheville support each family on that family’s terms. There are several birth doula packages to choose from, and the postpartum period options can be purchased at an hourly rate in as little as four-hour increments. In addition to birthing packages and postpartum care they have private and group classes, as well as placenta encapsulation services. The doulas are present at the birth and are experienced in helping mamas to be calm and confident during pregnancy and labor. They are also experts in calming and soothing the baby once it is here. They consider it a wonderful honor to be a part of the entire birth experience. Doulas of Asheville want families to feel supported no matter their unique needs. Doulas of Asheville meet regularly to answer questions through meet ups called Doulas on Tap. They alternate between Highlands and Blue Ghost breweries. For more information or to find out when the next Doulas on Tap will take place visit

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Chocolate Lounge | Business of the Week

French Broad Chocolates/Chocolate Lounge is located in the middle of downtown Asheville. It's a popular destination among locals and tourists. Their philosophy is to use and support farmer across the world in a way that is sustainable and profitable for them. All the chocolate that is sold at Chocolate Lounge and French Broad Chocolates is made at those locations.

On the weekends you will often see a line outside the store. It moves pretty quickly and is worth the wait! As soon as you enter the store you are immersed in a wonderful aroma of chocolate.

A wide variety of cakes, ice cream, coffee, truffles and other desserts awaits!

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Grail Moviehouse | Business of the Week

Grail Moviehouse is Asheville's Alternative Cinema. It is  a local movie theater located near downtown Asheville. It was founded almost 2 years ago by Davida Horwitz and Steve White who love movies. They found the lack of good quality movies being played in big movie theaters. Only big budget films tend to get on big screens and other, that are equally great don't make the cut. So for anyone who is a real movie lover, who appreciates good films from film festivals, nominees from festivals, and who wants to watch something other than what's in big theaters- this is your place!

Parking is free, which is unheard of in downtown Asheville. Follow them on FB, go to there website

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Green River Booch | Business of the Week

Green River Booch is a new distribution business in Asheville offering uniquely crafted flavors of kombucha. While in Hawaii sampling Kombucha, owner and operator Marti Hooper dreamed of creating a kombucha local to our Western North Carolina. The kombucha brewed here at home would feature flavors reflective of our mountains as well as the exotic. From this idea Green River Booch was born.  Thousands of years ago Kombucha had its beginnings in ancient China, and to this day, people can reap the benefits of better digestion and detoxification from this drink. Kombucha is packed with probiotics, natural antibiotics, and B-vitamins. Green River Booch offers some fantastic flavors such as lemon ginger, strawberry basil, berry mint, and pineapple sage.  Booch Pooch (which is the pineapple sage flavor) offers an additional benefit as five percent of its profits go toward animal charity. You can find a list of local business and farmers markets selling Green River Booch at; as well as on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Support your health and local business when you buy Green River Booch.

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MTN Merch | Business of the Week

Looking for a perfect souvenir from Asheville? Proud to call this beautiful mountain city home? Come buy locally produced goods and a wide variety of merchandise with Asheville logos at Mtn Merch. Mtn Merch is conveniently located in Biltmore Village and offers an array of cool regional items from teas, food, spices, French Broad Chocolate, to custom bottle openers, glasses, apparel, lotions, and other care products. Asheville is mountain beauty, Blue Ridge heritage, fine arts, breweries, restorative health practices, and a celebration of diversity. Come capture a small piece of Asheville’s uniqueness to take home. Show your love and pride for our city by stopping in and supporting the local craftspeople selling their products at Mtn Merch.

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Sustainable Health Acupuncture | Business of the Week

Liz Roseman, licensed acupuncturist at Sustainable Health Acupuncture has been practicing in Asheville for the past ten years. She is a highly acclaimed healer and has received the community’s vote as number 1 acupuncturist the past three years in the “Best of WNC” edition in the Mountain Xpress. She exudes warmth and compassion as she creates a safe environment for anyone seeking a path toward sustainable health. Liz has had extensive training in other eastern medicinal practices such as Moxibustion, cupping, and Gua Sha scraping. She has expertise in addressing serious chronic conditions, digestive issues, insomnia, infertility, and in simply offering a regular body “tune-up”.  For further information on how to partner with Liz in the process of creating a healthier you visit or call (828) 333-4614.

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Asheville Museum of Science | Business of the Week

Looking for something new and exciting for the kids to do during the last few weeks of winter? How about a rainy Saturday or Sunday? Or even when the days get so long in the summer? Look no further than the heart of downtown Asheville. The Asheville Museum of Science (AMOS), formally known as the Colburn Earth Science Museum, is in the process of going through some exciting changes. This museum still has all its beautiful gems and minerals of the past, but now has expanded to become an experiential discovery center for children of all ages. Some of the new additions include a Teratophoneus dinosaur skeleton (ancestor to the mighty T-Rex), a hands-on fossil dig, a southern Appalachian forest exhibit play and climb area, a toddler nest, and a hurricane simulator. This interactive educational museum is inspiring kids through exciting hands-on STEM activities, and it fills an experiential science void left in Asheville with the closing of the iconic Health Adventure a few years ago. If you don’t have a kid, AMOS is still a cool place to check out. For grownups on the 3rd Friday of every month they offer Science Pub night. Come by, have a beer, tour the museum, and listen to a talk from a featured scientist of the month. You can support this local nonprofit and have a fun filled night of learning about our amazing natural world and science related issues that matter. For more information visit

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Sleep Tight Kids | Business of the Week

Sleep Tight Kids is a non-profit focused on donating newly purchased bedtime comfort items to children in need. This organization was founded in 2009 after a dream one night by a local school teacher, Jill Schwarzkopf. Sleep Tight Kids gives directly to needy families or through partnerships with other nonprofit organizations. The children who benefit from Sleep Tight Kids come from homes where a parent is escaping domestic abuse and must start over in a shelter, or the child may have been removed from a meth home and are not allowed to take any possessions with them. Sleep Tight Kids gives these vulnerable children a breath of hope and a sense of normalcy by providing blankets, stuffed animals, pajamas, dental health care kits, and books. This 501c3 non-profit partners with other organizations such as the Elida Home, women’s shelters, and DSS across several WNC counties. All items are new and Sleep Tight Kids can use your help with your tax deductible donation.  If you would like to help foster resilience and hope for these local children in need, you can donate money, your time, or plan to attend a benefit event by going to Dream big, and change the world one child at a time.

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Fermenti | Business of the Week

Meg Chamberlain decided to go from a crazy lady who gives kraut to everyone to a business owner who educates and shares a old tradition of fermentation. Fermenti Foods is a local company in Marshall NC that thinks outside the box, pushes taste buds by exploring new and unexpected flavors and ingredients.

Their products are available in a number of local stores. Check them out on their FB page, on their website

They also have a lot of events for people who want to learn more about what they do and how to do it themselves.

Fermentation is a very economical way of consuming food. It offers a lot of health benefits as well.

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Sunfroot | Business of the Week

Sunfroot is a brand-new business dedicated to teaching people how to use solar-power through affordable products. Located in the heart of downtown Asheville, Sunfroot provides solar-powered backpacks, small solar kits, heavy duty solar kits, lights, speakers, chargers, banks and outdoor gear. At this store, people of all ages are encouraged to try out the products and become familiar with how solar power works on both a small and large scale. Sunfroot is a fun hands-on way to educate people about our sun’s capabilities to power everyday products. Sunfroot also sells other solar themed products like Bamboo sunglasses, and sun lotions; as well as offering another product from mother nature - a CBD cannabinoids menu. Come to 30 Battery Park Avenue to explore all the interesting and progressive products sold at Sunfroot. Show the world some love when you harness the sun with Sunfroot.

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Diana Wortham Theatre | Business of the Week

The Diana Wortham Theatre is currently a 500-seat auditorium in downtown Asheville, with plans to expand in the future. They feature nationally and internationally touring acts, along with serving as a theatre for local community programs. This performance space seeks to reach the breadth of the community with a little of something for everyone. The possibilities for live art include: music, plays, dance performances, magic shows and circuses. The Diana Wortham Theatre connects the arts with all audiences. Each year local groups, including the Asheville Ballet and Asheville Lyric Opera, along with approximately forty other local performance groups use this beautiful facility to showcase their art. If you are looking to be enchanted by an evening of fine arts, then check out the performances currently offered at Diana Wortham Theatre.

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Carolina Hemp Company | Business of the Week

Carolina Hemp Company is a wholesale and hemp extraction product market open for everyone. This emerging market holistically treats and maintains the wellness of the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. Carolina Hemp Company is a veteran owned and operated company that offers an exclusive hemp extraction product line locally produced called Kingdom Harvest. This product was based on years of research looking for the best formulation, extraction, testing, and dosing. Come check out the unique merchandise ranging from Hemp pasta, mustard, and coffee, to hemp dog biscuits, body scrubs, and clothing accessories. Come heal your body and mind at Carolina Hemp Company located at 406 Elk Park Drive, Asheville.

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Phoenix Landing Foundation | Business of the Week

Phoenix Landing Foundation is dedicated to rescue and re home parrots, as well as educate people who are willing to take time and effort to learn about living with parrots.

Located in Alexander, NC Phoenix Landing Foundation has a lot of adoptable birds in their facility as well as in foster homes. They recognize the need for the bird to have more than one home in their life time. Parrots live longs lives and thus making it very hard for people care for them through out. Once a Phoenix Landing foundation bird, it always remains their responsibility to care for this bird. Sometimes they have birds come back to them 2-3 times.

Phoenix Landing foundation is a non profit organization. Anyone who would like to donate is always welcome.

If you are interested in adopting a bird, you have to go to their website and fill out application. After that they will match you with the bird, to make a win win situation. Attending classes is one of the requirements. It's a very beneficial way to learn more about parrots and their needs.

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High Wire Brewing | Business of the Week

High Wire Brewing has a VIP membership that offers special releases to it's members that are not available to the public. What a great idea!

Beside that High Wire is a local company that specializes in craft beer that is easy to drink and enjoy.

High Wire does a lot of charitable events as well. You can follow them on FB to see the list of events.

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Biscuit Head | Business of the Week

Anyone who's been in Asheville knows this business of the week. Biscuit Head is a local breakfast/lunch/brunch restaurant with 2 locations. It was founded by husband and wife who share passion for cooking for people. It's a very popular destination among locals as well as tourist. Biscuit Head took a traditional idea of having biscuits and turned it into an even better idea of having meal on or with biscuits. Some items are on the menu are more breakfast type, some are more lunch- you can pretty much eat brunch all week long! One other very popular thing in the restaurant is a jam and butter bar. All jams are home made and vary all the time.

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East Fork Pottery | Business of the Week

In solitude we create what can be shared. From the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and made with love is East Fork Pottery. East Fork Pottery creates traditional, durable, and timeless ceramics. Twice a year they release rich new colors in their dinnerware ceramics. These colors compliment previously released pottery from East Fork, much as blue jeans go with all hues. East Fork Pottery has grown over the last ten years, from two potters to thirty skilled artisans. Located in the hub of Asheville, on North Lexington Avenue and soon in Biltmore Village, East Fork Pottery conveniently offers a place to see and purchase their fine work. The store also features useful art from other local artists and around the world. Cultivate your home with art while supporting local business by checking out East Fork Pottery. North Carolina is made of clay, and there is no better keepsake than a piece of this land fired into beauty and function by the touch of a potter’s hands. Find your piece of earthenware at East Fork Pottery. Their art is made to be used, admired, and loved.

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Chop Shop Barber Shop | Business of the Week

Deciding where to take your child for a first haircut can be a hard decision. Look no further than the fun family-friendly environment at The Chop Shop Barber Shop. This car-themed barbershop specializes in children’s haircuts, as well as all the traditions of a full-service barber shop. They can provide anything from popular fades and disconnects to straight razor work and a hot towel shave. Their expertise ranges from trendy to timeless, and they can cut a variety of hair types including curly hair. The Chop Shop is truly unique in that it offers a kid’s play area and vintage video games as well as soda while you or the kids wait. The Chop Shop takes walk-ins and appointments. You can find them at 606 New Leicester Hwy or book an appointment online at .

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Brother Wolf Animal Rescue | Business of the Week

Brother Wolf animal rescue is the new Business of the week. It's mission is to create and maintain a non kill community. There are different ways that one can support this rescue organization. You can always adopt a cat or a dog, or other pets. You can donate money, because they don't receive any government funding and the only way for Brother Wolf to survive is by receiving donations and support from the community. One can also volunteer to walk, feed and socialize pets, as well as do chores around the facility such as dishwashing, laundry, etc.

There's a store across the street from the rescue center, where you can buy items for dogs/cats, souvenirs, etc. All proceeds will go towards the rescue.

Please consider adopting a pet, instead of shopping for one.

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Sow True Seed | Business of the Week

Diversity is good, not only in people, but in gardening seeds as well! Since opening in 2009 Sow True Seed has sold quality seeds that are open-pollinated, untreated, non-GMO, and diverse in variety. Sow True Seed seeks to sell sustainable seeds which adapt well to the regions they are planted. Many other stores selling seeds do not disclose if they are GMOs or treated. Sow True Seed is exceptional because of their Safe Seed Pledge promising no genetically modified seeds to its customers. The open pollinated seeds offered at Sow True Seed are inherently resistant to diseases and are healthier to eat. If you are a gardener looking to expand your variety or improve on your sustainability practices you will appreciate the transparency and environmentally conscious practices at Sow True Seed. You can stop by to shop, take a tour, attend classes, or join the gardening club. Learn the beautiful and interesting stories behind many of the heirloom plants sold here.

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Atomic Furnishings | Business of the Week

Atomic Furnishings is the Business of the Week! Founded by a couple who finds, restores and sells furniture, rugs and home accessories from 50s and 60s. A very unique, one of a kind store.

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Sweeten Creek Brewing

Asheville NC is also known as Beer City. That is why I want to tell you about a local brewery called Sweeten Creek Brewing. It's located in South Asheville on Sweeten Creek rd. The brewery has over 2 acres of green space where you can relax in a hammock, play games, listen to live music, let your kids run around. It has a very low key, relaxed, dog and family friendly atmosphere.

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Mountain Madre | Business of the Week

Team Kovrigin went on the mission to tell everyone about a new Business of the Week. Mountain Madre Mexican restaurants and agave bar is located in the heart of Downtown Asheville, 13 Walnut street. Danny Scully, the owner, and Kyle Allen, the chef sat down with me to tell about the restaurant. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients from local farms, seafood from NC coast that is never frozen. The atmosphere that is inviting for all kinds of people is what makes this place a favorite among locals and guests.

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High Five Coffee | Business of the Week

Hi five coffee Offers you not just a cup of hot coffee but the cup of hand crafted goodness. Jay is the founder Of High Five coffee. There are three different locations in Asheville. One of the main focus of the coffee shop is to bring the community together, as well as bringing  high-quality and high integrity coffee. High-five coffee is where the community happens, where people feel welcome and at home. Come check them out!

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South Slope Crossfit | Business of the Week

You can have  fun, but not get fit. You can get fit but not have a lot of fun. More fit, more fun is the slogan of this business of the week. South Slope Crossfit. Dan Hartley and Scott Mirkin are the founders/owners of this gym. Despite crossfit being intimidating for many, their goal is to be more inclusive and welcoming to all fitness levels. They want people to be active, healthy and happy. Come check them out!

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NC Stage Company | Business of the Week.

This business of the week has been voted best local theatre 10 out of the past 11 years in the Mountain Xpress Best of WNC Poll. NC Stage was also recently awarded the American Theatre Wing National Theatre Company Grant. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you  NC Stage Company .

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